As Director of Marketing

  • Doubled followings on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Executed email marketing campaigns with up to an 85% open rate and 25% clickthrough rate.
  • Managed marketing budget and sales strategies.

As Manager of Product Design and Development

  • Produced over a dozen 360-degree videos around Fox's live musical "The Passion"
  • Built relationships with Nokia, dick clark productions, the City of Philadelphia, and others.
  • Lead regular brainstorming sessions for the organization.

As Field Operations Manager

  • Led a team of 13 across the US in marketing "Noble," an inspirational feature film.
  • Managed community-based influencer marketing, and outreach for the opening.
  • Performed some outreach around the launch of "A Faster Horse," an acclaimed documentary.

As a Cause and Feature Film Spokesperson

  • Gathered 96,000 signatures on a petition to end modern-day slavery without using social media.
  • Presented the petition to end slavery at a White House roundtable.
  • Hosted a press conference at the National Press Club in support of Amazing Grace.
  • Was interviewed by Newsweek, LA Times, CNN and Christian Science Monitor.

As Content Curator

  • Worked as the first content curator for
  • Became the fastest-growing site in the history of the internet (at the time).
  • Garnered millions of views for the website through curated content and headline writing.